About us

A new era
in compliance

The necessity of a compliance-first mindset has permeated the thinking and operations of nearly every aspect and business that enterprises and other organizations are involved in. But compliance has transformed into far more than the mere regulatory compliance that auditors are talking about when they use the term. It has come to represent an international currency that stands for trust and legality.

There is an urgency behind implementing compliance standards. New legislation and a sea of data that continues to grow exponentially only intensify the pressure. Until now, enterprises have not been able to look towards cloud-based technologies for some relief since the cloud has traditionally been built on structures and technologies that are wholly incompatible with compliance.

We've made it our mission to bridge this gap.

Deepshore sees itself as a think tank and skunkworks for new concepts and solutions revolving around the future of distributed networks and applications. In this space, we are paving the way for compliance applications and virtual infrastructures such as the cloud. Our objective is to harness pioneering concepts in the service of creating standards and applications that work in the real world. That's why we seek to communicate with CIOs and IT managers at enterprises in addition to our excellent network of specialists in the IT community. This information portal is part of that initiative.