About us


Now that the transition from traditional enterprise content management (ECM) to comprehensive enterprise information management (EIM) is complete, the next level of this long revolution awaits: The quantum leap from enterprise data to distributed networks and cloud infrastructures. Finding the technological foundation this step requires is what we do.

The digital transformation of business processes, industries, and entire economies continues to gain momentum. Tech firms, investors, and economic policymakers are the ones who make the rules here — frequently neglecting to ensure that they also benefit the enterprise’s core business.

Re-aligning development activities to once again focus on adding that type of value requires a paradigm shift. Instead of aiding businesses in thinking purely along the lines of adhering to regulations, which makes them beholden to legislators, we seek to free their entrepreneurial creativity. The technologies this requires are already available, and sooner or later they will bring about the end of conventional on-premise infrastructures. But enterprises that need to ensure they are compliant are still being denied access to a significant portion of this progress. Because in the world of distributed, virtual infrastructures, compliance remains unchartered territory.

Deepshore develops solutions that open the door to the new era of compliance. In the fields of ECM and EIM, we are not only creating new ideas and technologies, we’re also accompanying our partners along the entire process of obtaining specific applications. Right now, we’re working on establishing a new, fully compliant data platform for companies of all sizes based on blockchain technologies — the completely portable Enterprise Information Catalogue. This step will not only assure exemplary compliance for our business solutions, it will also add an entire new dimension of value for the actual businesses our customers operate.