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with nextevolution.

We’re no fans of ivory tower innovations. Pioneering ideas and solutions are born of practical inspiration and concrete insights about the market. Solutions need to be thought all the way through to their actual implementation for the customer and delivered together with a tailored operating model. Deepshore relies on a key strategic partnership to achieve that.

nextevolution GmbH has been setting the standard for ECM and EIM solutions for years now. With the development of NE.Databridge, Hamburg-based nextevolution has ushered in a new era of archive platforms designed for big data and microservices. In addition to this innovation competency, nextevolution has deployed a great many complex ECM and EIM installations as consultants, developers, and administrators. The company also possesses expertise in migration processes and supporting mature infrastructures and offers its customers complete IT operations outsourcing solutions.

For Deepshore, the strategic partnership with nextevolution has created many valuable synergies. And for our customers, it ensures we maintain an unwavering focus on real-world applications and the operability of every single Deepshore solution.